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Designer Blazers store delhi

For those looking to make a statement with the utmost elegance and style, H-2 Bharat Reshma is the perfect destination. With its rich history of quality craftsmanship and timeless designs, this renowned designer blazers store in Delhi has been providing customers with an experience of true class since its founding in 2006. Whether you are attending a formal event or just want to add some sophistication to your wardrobe, Bharat Reshma offers exquisite tailoring services and expert fittings for custom-made blazers that will suit any occasion. From traditional Indian fabrics and textiles to modern designs for men, this store provides a unique blend of classic charm with contemporary flair. Discover why H-2 Bharat Reshma is Delhi’s most elegant blazer store today!

The History and Heritage of Bharat Reshma: Quality Blazer Store in Delhi

» How H-2 Bharat Reshma Was Founded

H-2 Bharat Reshma, located in Delhi at Kamla Nagar and Kapil Vihar, India, is a quality designer blazer store that has been providing customers with the finest fabric and tailoring for over 15 years. The company was founded by Mr. Bharat Grover and Reshma Grover in 2006 with the vision of delivering high-end tailor-made garments to his customers. Their dedication to superior craftsmanship and attention to detail continues today through their expertise team of highly experienced tailors and designers.

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» Stores at Kamla Nagar & Kapil Vihar, Delhi

H-2 Bharat Reshma has two stores conveniently located at Kamla Nagar & Kapil Vihar in Delhi which provide customers with easy access to their services and products. Both locations offer an exquisite selection of fabrics from renowned international brands as well as handcrafted designs that incorporate traditional Indian craftsmanship with modern sophistication. The stores also feature an impressive range of men's blazers that have become synonymous with the brand’s signature style over the years.

H-2 Bharat Reshma - Kapil Vihar
153, Opp Metro Pillar No-354, Kapil Vihar, New Delhi - 110034. India
Phone Number
+91 - 011-40391352, 9811035034
H-2 Bharat Reshma - Kamla Nagar
148-D, Kamla Nagar, Opp Geeta Mandir, Delhi - 110007. India
Phone Number
+91 - 011 - 47065862, 9310627739

» Traditional Indian Craftsmanship Meets Contemporary Style

At H-2 Bharat Reshma, customers can find a variety of options when it comes to selecting garments that reflect their own personal style while still maintaining a timeless elegance that will last for generations to come. Whether it be choosing between fine silks or intricate embroidery work; every garment is crafted using only top quality materials combined with expert attention to detail ensuring our customer’s satisfaction each time they shop at Bharat Reshma!

Exquisite Tailoring and Expert Fitting at Bharat Reshma

» Handcrafted Blazer Designs to Suit Every Occasion

At H-2 Bharat Reshma, customers can find an exquisite selection of handcrafted blazers that are designed to suit any occasion. From traditional Indian weddings to formal business events, the master tailors at Bharat Reshma have crafted one-of-a-kind designs that are sure to make a statement wherever they go. Customers will find everything from classic single-breasted blazers to modern double-breasted ones in a variety of colors, fabrics and textures. With so much choice available, customers can be sure to find something that is perfect for their needs!

» High Quality Fabrics and Textiles

The quality of the fabrics and textiles used in each blazer sold by H-2 Bharat Reshma is second to none. The store only uses high quality materials sourced from some of India’s most renowned mills such as Kota Doria, Jamdani muslin and Benarasi silk among others. Each fabric has been carefully picked with its unique properties in mind; ensuring that every garment is durable yet lightweight enough for maximum comfort when worn!

» Experienced Tailors and Professional Fitting Services

For the perfect fit for each customer’s individual body shape, H-2 Bharat Reshma offers tailored fitting services provided by experienced tailors with decades of experience crafting garments for clients all over Delhi and beyond. Through careful measurements taken during fittings, these professionals ensure that each customer receives a personally customized blazer tailored specifically for them – down to even the smallest details! The result? A perfectly fitted garment made just for you!

The Modern Elegance of Bharat Reshma


» Sophisticated Blazer Designs for Men and Women

H-2 Bharat Reshma is renowned for its modern elegance, offering blazers that are perfect for formal events, office meetings, and more. The store has a wide range of contemporary designs to choose from, with high-quality fabrics and textiles sourced from around the world. Whether you are looking for a sharp two-piece suit or an eye-catching three-piece ensemble, you will find something to fit your style at H-2 Bharat Reshma stores in Delhi. Moreover, the store also offers custom designs tailored to your specifications.

» Timeless Style for Every Generation

At H-2 Bharat Reshma stores in Delhi, timeless style meets modern sophistication with their classic blazer collections that are suitable for all ages and occasions. From traditional handcrafted designs in rich colors to sophisticated cuts in muted hues – there is something to suit every taste here! Customers can expect expert tailoring services that will provide them with perfectly fitted blazers that will last them many years into the future.

» An Experience of True Class

Shopping at H-2 Bharat Reshma in Delhi is an experience like no other; you can feel the true class emanating from each garment as soon as you enter the store! With highly experienced tailors on hand to help guide customers through the process of selecting their ideal piece – from fabric selection to design consultation – this truly is luxury shopping at its finest!

For fashion lovers, H-2 Bharat Reshma has been the go-to destination for quality blazers and tailored clothing in Delhi. With a history of craftsmanship and an eye for modern elegance, this store has set itself apart as one of the premier tailoring destinations in the city. From handcrafted designs to expert fitting services, H-2 Bharat Reshma offers true class and timeless style for men and women of all ages. With their commitment to quality fabrics and textiles, it is no wonder why so many people are turning to Bharat Reshma for their blazer needs. Whether you are looking for something special or just need a new wardrobe staple, you can trust that at H-2 Bharat Reshma you'll find nothing but excellence. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Bharat Reshma stores today in Delhi at Kamla Nagar and Kapil Vihar and experience true class meets quality!


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