Sangeet Ceremony Trendy Outfits for Men

Get ready to shine at your Sangeet ceremony with these show-stopping outfits that will have all eyes on you!

Sangeet Outfit for Men

A Sangeet ceremony is a traditional pre-wedding event in Indian culture where the bride and groom's families get together to sing, dance and celebrate before the wedding day. It is usually held a few days or weeks before the wedding and is a time for the families to come together and bond. The event involves a lot of music, with everyone singing traditional songs and dancing to Bollywood tunes. The bride and groom also perform a special dance together called the 'couple's dance.' This event is not only fun and lively but also has cultural significance as it brings two families together in celebration of the upcoming union of their loved ones. Overall, a Sangeet ceremony is a joyful event that adds to the excitement and anticipation of the wedding day.

Sangeet ceremony is not just about the women shopping for glamorous dresses, but men can also take the center stage by putting on the perfect Sangeet outfit that can catch everyone's eyes. Let us look at the top 5 Sangeet ceremony outfits for men that can make them steal the show.

Get Noticed at Your Sangeet Ceremony

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Nehru Jacket

Nehru Jacket is a versatile piece of clothing that adds grace to a man's ensemble. A Nehru Jacket in a bright color such as red, green or blue is perfect for Sangeet night. You can pair it with a white or beige kurta and churidar for an elegant look. Nehru jacket is popular among the younger crowd, and it helps them stand apart from the rest of the crowd. It is also comfortable to wear and can be worn during the dance without any difficulty. You can also select the embroidery design on the jacket that you like and customize it according to your taste.

Bandhgala Suit

Bandhgala Suit is a formal suit that has become a popular attire for Indian weddings. It gives a regal look to a man's appearance and is perfect for the Sangeet ceremony. You can choose from a variety of fabrics such as silk, velvet, or linen. It is a quintessential traditional Indian attire that is combination of Western coat and Indian achkan. The bandhgala suit is the perfect option if you want to exude elegance and sophistication. You can pair it with classic leather shoes and accessories such as pocket squares to complete the look.

Kurta and Dhoti

Kurta and Dhoti is another traditional Indian outfit that is perfect for Sangeet night. It is comfortable, lightweight, and suits men of all ages. You can choose from a range of colors such as yellow, orange, and red. The kurta is the top and dhoti is the bottom garment. The dhoti is draped around the waist, giving the whole outfit a cohesive look. This traditional outfit is perfect for those who want to stay comfortable while staying true to their roots. You can accessorize with a layered pearl mala and a pair of jutti to complete the look.

Indo-Western Outfit

A fusion of western and Indian fashion, Indo-western outfits are the perfect choice for modern men who want to experiment with their Sangeet looks. You can opt for a bandhgala jacket with slim-fit trousers or a kurta with denim jeans. It gives you a sophisticated yet trendy look. The Indo-western outfits have become the new trend, and it offers the ability to showcase your unique fashion style. You can experiment with the fabric and colors to make sure it looks suitable to your taste. Accessorize with cufflinks and bracelets to add a personal touch.


Sherwani is a traditional wedding attire for men that never goes out of style. It gives a royal and majestic look to your personality. Choose from a range of fabrics such as silk, brocade, or velvet. You can pair it with jodhpuri pants, churidar, or a flowy dhoti for a classic look. Sherwani is perfect for Sangeet night if you want to give a regal look to your personality. You can choose from a range of designs, including floral embroidery, gold threadwork, and sequins. Accessorize with a turban and traditional jooties to complete the look.

Tips For Choosing Trendy Outfits for Men for Sangeet Ceremony

• Consider the formality of the event: The sangeet ceremony can be a casual or formal event, so it is important to choose an outfit that is appropriate for the formality of the event. If the sangeet ceremony is being held in a traditional Indian venue, it is typically more formal than a ceremony held in a banquet hall.

• Choose an outfit that reflects your personal style: There are many different styles of sangeet ceremony outfits available, so it is important to choose one that reflects your personal style. If you are a traditional person, you would want to choose an outfit that is made of traditional fabrics and is decorated with traditional designs. If you are a more modern person, you could choose an outfit that is made of lighter fabrics and is decorated with simpler designs.

• Choose an outfit that is comfortable and flattering: You will be dancing and moving around a lot during the sangeet ceremony, so it is important to choose an outfit that is comfortable and flattering. Avoid outfits that are too tight or too restrictive.

• Accessorize your outfit: You can accessorize your outfit with a variety of items, such as a tie, pocket square, or cufflinks. Choose accessories that complement your outfit and your personal style.

• Get your outfit tailored: If you are buying a new outfit for the sangeet ceremony, it is a good idea to get it tailored to fit you perfectly. This will ensure that you look your best and feel confident on the day of the ceremony.

Get Noticed at Your Sangeet Ceremony

Explore our New Collection of Trendy Outfit for Men


Sangeet ceremony is all about joy and celebration. By opting for the right outfit, men can enhance their appearance and become the center of attention. The above-described Sangeet outfits for men can help you put together the perfect ensemble for the occasion. Choose what looks best on you, and have a great time grooving to the music.


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